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Labour compliance In every organisation will be big burden for management as it eats lot of time. Jayathirees provide complete statutory compliance service related to labour law, our service extend to all type of organisation i.e Factory, Commercial establishment, IT industry, Hotel etc.,


Jayathirees provide services in all aspects of Labour compliance.

  1.  Registration

  2.  Obtaining and renewal of Licence

  3.  Maintenance of registers

  4.  Filing returns and Payment on time

  5. Periodical Audit

  6.  Liaison with government official

  7. Update on labour legislation

  8. Update on labour legislation


Why Jayathirees

  1. Deploy well trained professionals to overseas HR Compliance

  2. Quick response & personalized service

  3. Focus on People, Process & Technology

  4. Improve service levels by quality Measurements

  5. Maintain confidentiality of customers

  6. Accuracy and reliability of work

  7. Avoidance of all litigation and associated costs that may arise out of non-compliance


We assure 100% compliance for our clients; hence compliance is no more burden and become cakewalk now. People in HR can focus more on strategic management.

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